ZOPPÉ – an Italian Family Circus

Company of 25

In 1842, Napoleone and Ermengilda Zoppé founded Circo Zoppé near Venice, Italy and their vision lives on as Zoppé, a traditional one-ring European circus. Join the Zoppé family on their journey to an enchanted, thrilling world far from our digital age – to a world of acrobatics, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowns and lots of audience participation. Always charming, often thrilling, Zoppé is an intimate, involving experience. In their 550-seat tent, no one is more than 25 feet from the ring!

“the Zoppé circus evokes something from a picture book: the clown, the trapeze, the dancing dogs, the ring and the tent. The show is frozen in time… exactly the way it’s supposed to be.” The New York Times

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